if you’re ever feeling sad, just watch the scene from ocean’s 12 where vincent cassel dances through lasers

Whenever I’m sad I watch old thatzak videos, they always make me happy. UNTIL I REALIZE THAT THERE HAVEN’T BEEN ANY NEW ONES SINCE FEBRUARY.

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Why would you do such a horrible thing?!


sitting in a pulitzer prize winner’s desk today because I’m pretty much just as accomplished as he is

Look at that sexy beard!

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I was a huge linkin park fan so I made a linkin park jack o lantern for halloween 2002

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Los Hermanos Peacock @thatzak

Can we please acknowledge that Caleb got super hot!

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Thanking thatmom and thatdad cause they did all the work.


we’re more concerned about your kindeys

Not your most flattering hair style Zach. ;)

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Petition for Zach to do VEDA